Blind Item : clingy, needy and desperate.

October 21, 2009

While reading this the ONLY names that came to mind are Ciara, Keri Hilson…

We’ve reported in the past on female singers being jealous of the success of Beyonce, the following female singer is no exception and wanted to dethrone Beyonce and become the baddest chick in the game! Didn’t happen.
This female singer has an outrageous ego and she’s super arrogant, for reasons only known to her.Behind closed doors, when she’s among white celebrities, she always makes it a point to say, “I’m not entirely African-American, I’m mixed,” which is a lie.Like many female celebrities, she has man problems but allegedly these problems stem from being clingy, needy and desperate.It’s also been reported that she’s aloof towards fans and she continues to burn bridges throughout the industry. She’s so big headed, she no longer needs those who contributed to her success.She also hangs out with a scandalous crew who were recently overheard saying, “We’re too cute and too good for this club.” They also got mad when patrons stared at them, demanding that security throw them out.People are also whispering that her cars are leased, so she can keep up appearances.This woman is very disliked among her peers and fans.

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