I Miss the 90S

October 30, 2009

RNB music, that sweet RNB music“don’t you miss it? There is a lot to say about the intoxicating vibe that runs through your body when you hear “Touch Me, Tease Me (1996) Case / Foxy Brown ” or how about your journey down memory lane when you hear “So Good” by Davina. The essence of Rnb music has definitely evolved over the years, however its metamorphosis has been one that many do not appreciate. It would be safe to say that over the years the industry has been on life support, waiting for the new transplant that will change everything to come.R&B is still a driving force in the industry, but the formulaic and boring muck that is being served up to us on the radio daily lacks soul.I’m conducting a survey to define the R&B market nowadays…

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