Are you on the List ?

November 2, 2009


Newly released FBI data offers evidence of the broad scope and complexity of the nation’s terrorist watch list, documenting a daily flood of names nominated for inclusion to the controversial list.Here’s an interesting and accurate opinion posted on the current.com website on the matter which express clearly what the FBI is precisely aimed for and how relevant that list is.What do you guys think?

Don’t forget that to the FBI anyone who is not with them is against them. Their spies, lies, and betrayal of the American way of life are routine for those lice. They were investigating anyone in Hollywood of any consequence long before the invaded Jane Fonda’s life. Hell they investigated every Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court at one time !!! The reason should be obvious. Knowledge is Power. They have always strove to create a network of operatives from Elvis Presley to Walt Disney to Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan. Once they invade some target’s life, they dig up any dirt they can use to blackmail them with in the likely event they can’t “persuade” them to be their volunteer army.

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  1. I just love Elvis, have you tried out http://www.legal5ounds.com – you can download all his albums there!

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