Facebook…. it’s like watching soaps at work!

November 9, 2009


Interesting piece on Salon.com depicting how nowadays people are broadcasting their personal dramas online before a bewildered friends’s audience.

Between people who whine about their dog/cat, the little jimmy learning to shit on the potty, not to mention the slutty friend who screws a different guy every night and by the way, keep you in touch with all the details you certainly dont want to hear about while sipping your coffee.A constant soap opera on the feed posted by people whom are looking for a social connection,support as they  don’t know anymore how to cultivate real friendships.I’m a fairly private person and the saying “you don’t put your business in the street” definitely applies to me.I am amazed at how many people post the most intimate details of their lives on Facebook. I would die of embarrassment if the whole world knew the details about various disagreements and fights I had with friends and family members, not to mention my sexual exploits.It’s completely trashy and so low class.

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