Live UK football for iPhone users [streaming revenues]

November 10, 2009
As Labor Talks Continue, NY Times Company Threatens To Shutter Boston Globe

Being surrounded by newsroom cuts, lay offs, everyone is wondering about the irritatingly future of the media industry,one even suggested to allow sports betting on newspaper Web sites case in point,some British newspapers make millions on betting games like Bingo.Another one,Arthur Gelb wondered about the virtue of getting some Vegas showgirls in the newsroom, doing a little performance and charging admission.Desperate measures for desperates times as Maureen Dowd put it so eloquently.

Because its a matter of facts,the british media BSkyB jumped the shark as they always do in term of innovative solutions and proposed their users to watch live sports on Sky Sports and ESPN as well as Sky News over a wi-fi connection for £6 a month.Smart Coup ! Just imagine millions of football fans in the UK with millions of Ipods watching in amazement Chelsea vs Barcelona; that’s called how to be a billoinnaire !

Maybe the newspaper industry should take a lesson from this: charging for mobile content delivery.With millions of phone users around the world they might have a chance to turn profitable !


  1. thank you for the information…..cheers

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