What is a good Marriage ? How good is good enough ?

December 8, 2009

Community Prayer Service Honors Four Officers Killed In Washington Town

What is a good Marriage ? How good is good enough ? I just read an incredibly interesting piece on Marriage from the NYT sunday Edition.It made me wondering that Marriage and Love are two completely different things even though Love prevents you from wedding any random guy who’s up for, its not necessarily the one component which will make it works.The author left me with severals questions so far uncleared : What would a better Marriage look like ?More happiness? Intimacy? Stability ?Laughter ? Fewer Fights? A smoother partnership?More intriguis conversation?More excellent sex ?

In ” Intimate Terrorism : The Crisis of Love in an Age of Dillusion,” the psychologist Michael Vincent Miller describes marriage as mocking our “fondest dreams”,because the institution is not the wellspring of love we imagine it to be.Instead it’s an environment of scarcity, its ” a barbaric competition over whose needs get met” ; ” it’s ” two people trying to make a go of it on emotional and psychological supllies that are only sufficient for one.”

Miller describes ” the marital ghetto” as ” the human equivalent of a balanced aquarium, where the fish and the plants manage to live indefinitely off each other’s waste products”…

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