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Sunday News Round Up

November 8, 2009

Condenast going Chinese ! No jokes ! We might have a chance to see Wintour on tour in the chinese province Shanxi so to explain the crucials differences between “Goergous”, “Beautiful” , “so 2008”  and few tips on the perfect outfit for a Dragon boat racing, a popular traditional Chinese sport.

“In emerging markets like China… the magazine business and magazine development continue to go very strong,” even as the publishing industry suffers in America amid the rise of Web-based content, said Jonathan Newhouse, Chairman of Conde Nast International Ltd” said Jonathan Newhouse, Chairman of Conde Nast International Ltd

Health care reform passed in the House of Representatives last night ! Thanks God ! We thought one way or another we’re all going to die.Now let’s hope Lieberman doesn’t eff things up in the Senate.

Warren Buffet rules when it comes to make bucks, amidst a severe recession, round up layoffs around the country, his investement company just announced that profits have almost tripled in the third quarter.

Erikah Badu thinks her first appearance on a music video get way too little credit.Do you remember the soul music video ” How does it feel” featuring an outreageous almost naked body wich send straight crazy all the girls around ? Well, its in “My Lady ” music video sang by soul crooner D’angelo where she first appeared but at that time the focus wasnt naked flesh but “those lips” and again, women still went crazy !

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Pic of the Day

November 7, 2009

01Rendering of the title wall for Bauhaus 1919-1933: Workshops for Modernity

“When creating graphic design for an exhibition we can start in a variety of places. A particular color, the wall layout, or sometimes a typeface will give us a clue to the tone of the show. For a subject as vast and as influential as the Bauhaus, we had to start everywhere at once and create a range of ideas, from vintage to contemporary. Early on, an effort was made to distance ourselves from the Bauhaus’s clichés of color (the use of primaries), type (Bayer-inspired typefaces; see Bloomingdale’s Bags) and form (circles, squares, and triangles). Only after generating hundreds of alternatives and consuming huge amounts of coffee did we begin to stumble upon an appropriate vision for the 2009 show.”

by August Heffner, Design Manager MoMA


Rubiks Cube Art

October 28, 2009


An exhibition showcasing some of Cube Works’ incredible art. This stunning recreation of one of the world’s finest ever paintings has incredibly been put together using thousands of Rubik’s cubes. The impressive mosaic is based on Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper and was created by Josh Chalom and a team of determined artists. In their mind-blowing artistic feat the creative group used 4,050 of the 80s phenomenal toy and built the masterpiece over 130 gruelling hours. The stunning work weighs a hefty 500kg and measures a colossal 17 feet long by eight-and-a-half feet wide. Other works by the cubers at company Cube Works, in Toronto, Canada, include portraits of Chairman Mao, Bono Vox and Sir Elton John. (Photo by Cube Works Studio / Barcroft Media / Getty Images)

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Pic of the day

October 26, 2009

Young men playing dominos in cabin

Young men playing dominos in cabin



October 26, 2009

INTRODUCING disconcert is the new photo series that just posted Hedi Slimane on its website. 40 photos revealing once again the attraction of Hedi Slimane for music, passionate and dreamy youth. With Alex Needham (former NME and Music Editor of The Guardian), they have followed two young Londoners musicians -Alan and Richard Pilkington Trust – whom dream only for the moment they’ll play and go on tour. Started some years ago and published initially in V Magazine, Rock Diary by Hedi Slimane is a story that allows him -and he likes it-to discover emerging rock bands.




October 24, 2009


I’m always wary of giving in too much to the forces of nostalgia. There’s a dangerous comfort in thinking on or fantasizing about the past; it’s all too easy to filter out all the negative history and just focus on what you idealize from it. But it’s impossible for me not to look through this new set of Magnum photos dedicated to records and record shops and not be pulled in by the romance of it all.

Mostly, I like looking at people listening; there’s something so intimate about it even at mass events like a concert. That’s one of the beautiful things about music – it’s always simultaneously public and private and some of these images, of people standing by or dancing to a record player capture that duality.

by Oliver Wang from


This Week end Movie

October 22, 2009


Are you ready for ANTICHRIST? The most scandalous work at this year’s Cannes stars Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg as a bereaved couple who retreat to their remote cabin — ominously named Eden — to repair their broken marriage and confront their deepest fears. But in the hands of von Trier, the visionary behind DogvilleDancer in the Dark and Breaking the Waves, the tale of a relationship in crisis takes a turn toward the twisted, dark and primeval, and it’s clear this couple won’t be out of the woods anytime soon. Warning: ANTICHRIST contains scenes of extremely graphic sexual and violent content and is not suitable for children.

“The most talked about film of the year!” – Village Voice                                   “The most shocking film in the history of the Cannes Film Festival!” – The Sunday Telegraph

“I don’t think I breathed for the last half — out of shock, out of stress, out of disbelief.” – Boston Globe

Antichrist’ sure to shock, but it also awes New York Post

Antichrist’: Lost In The Woods, By Kurt Loder

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