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Rihanna Is Accused Of Devil Worship [Conspiracy Theory]

February 17, 2010

Rihanna Arrives In Australia For Promotional Tour

Apparently Satan was head of music in heaven. He uses influential people…to help influence the world. Once you make a certain amount of money, you might be invited to join.To get in you have to accept the beast, worship. Once you join they assist you with your career and make you huge only if you agree and obey to destroy Gods words and his children.Are people taking it too far?


More Arts correspond with higher graduation rates[wealth culture]

November 18, 2009
First Lady Michelle Obama Visits Denver High School

A new study by the Center for Arts Education has found that schools that have increased access to arts education programs also have higher graduation rates.Well, its kinda make sense, Arts has always been known to open minds, motivate for challenging opportunities.Listen Richard Kessler, CAE’s Executive Director, and Doug Israel, Director of Research and Policy proving their point.Meanwhile, a study was published earlier this year out of Cambridge University coming to much the same conclusion in Britain. Focusing on math, science and reading — especially in the Test Test Test! framework that Arne Duncan espouses — and excluding the arts can have really detrimental effects on kids, emotionally and intellectually.This is what is needed to make the change we need to make – solid data to support the correlation between art activity and academic outcomes. Put this study together with the Cambridge study, do more and argue, argue, argue for the requisite funding.

Read the report here.

Source Leonard Lopate Show WNYC

Tuesday News Round Up

November 10, 2009
1257782841_gosselin-johnston-290credit : New York Daily News

Our  favorites two famewhores who will use anything in their obsession for attention explained us that they were totally made for each other.Jon Gosselin and Levi Johnston appeared together in Times Square in NYC on Sunday. Levi was in town for his Playgirl shoot when he says he ran into Gosselin, who was in town filming commercials. The two posed for photos in near-identical pea coats. “You never know when celebrities turn up,” one onlooker marveled.We might accidentally see in horror and amazement Jon Gosselin showing it all before the camera for the next Playgirl issue ;a prerequisite for landing a scary movie gig in Hollywood.

Rupert Murdoch says he wants one of his children to succeed him at News Corp. “I am sure one of them will emerge,” he says. “It would be nice.” His family, with about 40% of the voting rights, will “have a lot of say.” Murdoch, 78, adds that he will step down “when I start to lose it.”Meanwhile he told Sky News interviewer David Speers that he will remove his news sites — The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, The Times of London and many more — from Google’s search index.Watch the interview

AOL is appointing Susan Lyne, the former CEO of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, to its board of directors, as the online company continues to put its leadership together ahead of its spinoff from Time Warner. The spinoff is still expected before year-end.

Village Voice Media, the publisher of 14 local U.S. publications, including the 54-year-old Village Voice, is focusing on growth in Internet advertising, with its recently launched Voice Local Network. The Internet side of the business is up 75% from last year.

And Gabourey Sidibe a plus-size, African-American actress with less-than-perfect features – fits no casting agents definition of a leading lady. But she is not deterred. I never wanted to be an actress, said Sidibe, 24, the star of the just-released Precious, whose understated performance as an abused, 350-lb, illiterate teenager has garnered critical acclaim and unexpectedly catapulted her onto the shortlist of potential Oscar nominees

Andre Agassi is primarily concerned with Andre Agassi, according to a New York Times review of his ghostwritten autobiography Open. Reviewer Janet Maslinwrites that Agassi’s interests do not extend far “beyond tennis, more tennis, the misery of tennis, the way sportswriters misunderstand tennis and the irritating celebrity that tennis stardom confers.”

Other admissions from the book: Agassi took crystal meth in 1997, the worst year of his career; he’s lied about his love of tennis to interviewers over the years; and his frosted mullets may have included portions of toupee. Maslin calls the book “anticlimactic” but says it is saved by “somebody on the memoir team” with “great gifts for heart-tugging drama.

source: LevineBreakingNews

How to Start your Own record Label

October 28, 2009

The 90s remaining the best decade of music ever for me and being tired of hearing the same boring formulaic muck on daily basis when its comes to R&B, I was wondering what if i start a record label? I went straight to google and was amazed by the quantity of information.God bless the’s the few things you need to know…

People who have a real passion for music set up most small independent record labels. Often they are or have been artists themselves or are fans of a particular music genre or particular artist that they feel doesn’t get enough attention from the music buying public. Invariably being in it for any other reason, like a quick return on a financial investment is likely to end in disappointment. The rewards of owning your own independent record label, certainly in the early years, are more social and emotional than economic. Yet it can be a great way of developing a professional reputation, opening numerous doors into the industry or simply meeting other likeminded people and filling your spare time. And of course every now again one of the thousand or so small indie labels in the UK elevates itself from the pack with a band or a record that everyone wants. There is no reason why that label can’t be yours! The following guide will help you get all the basics right, the rest will be up to you.

Running a label is a full time job (on top of the full-time job you may well have already). Most importantly, it requires tireless determination. You may want to set up your own record label for a couple of reasons:

  • The type of music you like is not readily available
  • You know of an artist who has potential and doesn’t have a record deal
  • You believe in a record and think it’s worth releasing
  • You are a composer / producer with material and want to release your own music
  • You may have been rejected by other labels but still believe your product is saleable
  • Your band have a following and believe you can make some extra cash from a CD release

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How To Persuade Your Users, Boss or Clients

October 18, 2009


Very clear and inspiring article, an useful resource for anyone making his way to success no matter what your occupation or goals.

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