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French love gangsters doing “it” in style [criminal culture]

November 15, 2009

French criminal culture is far away from what could happen around the world, rules breakers and rogues are litterally loved and celebrated as long as they do it with style of course.

Last thursday,Tony Musulin -a security van driver- made headlines when he stole 11 millions euros from the Bank of France and disappeared with the loot.The media landscape went aghast, triumphantly informing the public that the French Police aka Chicken did not have a clue as to where the hell he was.Overnight Tony has become an internet star in France ,he now has a fan club on Facebook wich describes as hero and “Best Driver for 2009”.

French celebrate obessesively the criminal culture, they are always smart and charming when portrayed in films as opposed to dimwit cops.

In september, a man accused of the brutal murder of two women escaped from a jail in Burgundy.Jean Pierre Treiber hid inside a cardboard box in the prison workshop and had himself “delivered” to the outside world as part of a consignement stationnery.On the run ever since, Mr Trieber has managed to outwit the dumb cops at every turn not to mention ridiculing them in front of the entire nation when he sent his prison identity to a french magazine and love letters to his girlfriend.French simply cheered on him.Film makers meanwhile are already penning the script.

The bank robber Michel Vaujour made history in 1986 when he fashioned a replica gun from a bar of soap and barged his way on to the prison roof where his obliging wife(having cleverly learned to fly a helicopter in her spare time) hovered above the prison and scopped him up and away from prison.

Of course, his 27 years behind bars was smartly turned in a psychological account on how to cope and jail breaking.At the screening well educated, well dressed, Parisian women were tearfully thanking him for his honesty, humility, and humanity.

Even Jacques Chirac,Nicolas Sarkozy predecessor, was voted the most popular French politician alive though he was ordered by French magistrates to stand trial on embezzlement charges.Meanwhile Nicolas Sarkozy hit an all-time low in the opinions poll..

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Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has given details of her psychoanalysis (TV Interview)

November 14, 2009
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As Freud once said, Life is a theatrical performance, what we see is far away from reality.Being the blind actor of our own story and this one having hidden paths, one day we might take the decision to see our innerside.

Carla lies down on the couch with Gerard Miller to give the virtues of psychoanalysis. What we can hold is five points.

The first lady of France explains that she follows a psychoanalysis for several years, which is not ” breaking news”.Carla Bruni had already said in an interwiew given to Psychologies magazine six years ago that she was seing a psychoanalyst.

More recently, she spoke about in the March 2009 issue of the American edition of Vogue in which she explained she began a Freudian psychoanalysis in 1998.

1. Carla Bruni is a woman like everyone else.She jumped the shark while she was “impervious to such things” because she was not feeling well. Why? “I had a fracture when my father died and I went into psychoanalysis body and soul.

She stated: “Because life is painful, life is painful, the condition of being human is painful. Even being a cat, it may be painful. Psychoanalysis can accept the reality of life and thus pain. Do you know why children are more uncomfortable with their mother than their father? Because they criticize him for giving them life. Be fatal, is extremely violent … “Yes, that’s life: in the end, you die. The mind can cost you a psychoanalysis.

2. It does not work the first time. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, in analysis for eight years, had to change a psychoanalyst in the way because she felt “it was as indifferent as a vague boredom, perhaps both sides” . There was change of therapist, for sure.

3. Do not lie down. The second analyst was good: “With him, the first session was incandescent. This has something to do with the heart beating. These are two people who meet. It is a human encounter that has, in my case, investment and involvement in psychoanalysis. “It must be said that its new psychoanalyst thinks outside the box: it does not ask him to lie down to talk. “For two years, I am face to face with my analyst. This calendar helps me more to talk more freely. “

4. An analyst at the Elysee? Also in Psychologies, who asked how she planned in ten years, Carla Bruni replied: “I’d dream of being a psychoanalyst. I’m not there yet, it’s a long process, but I think it’s the world’s most interesting that we have within our reach … “

5. Nicolas Sarkozy should be careful! Gerard Miller fell under the spell of his wife: “Basically the left-wing, I have never voted and I would never support Sarkozy, things are clear between us. But Carla is a true intellectual, who has opened whole areas of culture to her husband. All the technical team during the interview, was seduced by his simplicity, his modesty. Carla has not changed since she became Mrs. Sarkozy. “


Sunday News Round Up

November 8, 2009

Condenast going Chinese ! No jokes ! We might have a chance to see Wintour on tour in the chinese province Shanxi so to explain the crucials differences between “Goergous”, “Beautiful” , “so 2008”  and few tips on the perfect outfit for a Dragon boat racing, a popular traditional Chinese sport.

“In emerging markets like China… the magazine business and magazine development continue to go very strong,” even as the publishing industry suffers in America amid the rise of Web-based content, said Jonathan Newhouse, Chairman of Conde Nast International Ltd” said Jonathan Newhouse, Chairman of Conde Nast International Ltd

Health care reform passed in the House of Representatives last night ! Thanks God ! We thought one way or another we’re all going to die.Now let’s hope Lieberman doesn’t eff things up in the Senate.

Warren Buffet rules when it comes to make bucks, amidst a severe recession, round up layoffs around the country, his investement company just announced that profits have almost tripled in the third quarter.

Erikah Badu thinks her first appearance on a music video get way too little credit.Do you remember the soul music video ” How does it feel” featuring an outreageous almost naked body wich send straight crazy all the girls around ? Well, its in “My Lady ” music video sang by soul crooner D’angelo where she first appeared but at that time the focus wasnt naked flesh but “those lips” and again, women still went crazy !

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MTV Europe Music Awards

November 6, 2009
MTV Europe Music Awards 2009 - Show

Lil’kim, Jay-Z, Beyonce and many more showed up to this year’s installment of the MTV Europe Music Awards.Beyonce was the big winner,the global music icon walked away with three of the night’s biggest awards — Best Female,Best Song, (“Halo”) and Best Video, (“Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”). She had been nominated for four EMAs, including Best Live Act. The win for Best Video repeats her win at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), held in New York last September 13. Beyonce used the occasion in Berlin to thank her husband, Jay-Z for “putting a ring on it.”

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What is soul?

November 5, 2009


John Legend dropped by the White House to say “Hi” a few hours earlier

More than 1,500 international, government and corporate leaders gathered this week to honor six-time Grammy Award winner John Legend at the Africare gala at the Washington Hilton in DC.”I’m passionate for making a difference,” Mr. Legend said during his speech accepting Africare’s Bishop John T. Walker Distinguished Humanitarian Service Award

“We want to honor [Mr. Legend’s] personal commitment to ending poverty and to improve the lives of people in Africa,” said W. Frank Fountain, chairman of Africare. “He is truly a role model for us at any age to follow. He represents us and humanity around the world.”

Since then, the humanitarian award has been given to former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter, philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates, and former South African President Nelson Mandela, among many others.

In 2007, Mr. Legend launched the Show Me Campaign to end poverty in Africa through sustainable and practical developments. The program works with college students in the United States to raise awareness of the effects of poverty in Africa, providing students with ways to get involved through Mr. Legend’s Poverty Action Tour. The Show Me Campaign aims to free people from the “devastating effects of poverty” and provide development, service and education in Africa.

Mr. Legend, known for his heartfelt lyrics and passion, spoke of growing up in the church, listening to sermons and gaining a “strong sense of morality.””Searching for the truth is a process, and our world needs more people in that process,” Mr. Legend said. “A commitment to truth will lead us to social justice.”

The soul singer said his work is far from finished.

What is soul?

“Soulfulness and truth are closely related,” Mr. Legend said. “Soul is about authenticity, finding what is real and finding what is right. I’ve found soul in my philanthropy work.”

He encouraged everyone to do their work “with soul.”



Pic of the Day

November 4, 2009

6427_IraqSoldierCryingUs soldier deployed in Iraq


BMF : Wyclef rocked.Badu not so much.

October 30, 2009

Wyclef Jean

If my pounding head and still-ringing ears are any indication I think I had a really good time at the Bermuda Music Festival last night. Blame it all on Wyclef. The multi-platinum recording artist kept the crowd jumping until 1:30 a.m., an electrifying performance that included old-school Fugees hits (Fug-Gee-Laa), Wyclef classics (Stayin’ Alive, Gone Til November), and Bob Marley covers (No Woman No Cry, I Shot the Sheriff, Redemption Song).

Want a taste of what last night was like? Check out this 50-second YouTube video. I guess yesterday’s workout at the Fairmont Southampton paid off. Holy energy Batman! Unfortunately the same can’t be said of Erykah Badu, who lulled the crowd with her smooth, sultry voice. Neither of which was a bad thing, but the two performances couldn’t have been more different.

With her own brand of laid-back neo-soul, Badu was the potatoes next to Wyclef’s meat (wow, did I just write that? I must’ve had a rougher night than I thought!). And as I suspected, Naturally 7 was indeed the real deal, as the soulful septet blew away the crowd with their R&B and acapella stylings. Tonight’s lineup: James

reporting David LaHutaa Bermuda based writer specializing in travel and lifestyle stories.

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Rapper Shyne Barrow Now Free in Belize

October 27, 2009

Jamal Shyne Barrow Back in Belize -Wed, October 28, 2009

Update Wed, Nov 4 , 2009 Shyne Speaks

Shyne’s lawyer is trying to get Gov. Paterson to give him a pardon.Even though some folks argue Why does he think he deserves a Pardon, Shyne could have a possibility to get back legally in the US if he proves that he may have a claim to US Citizenship according to the MPI Web site: MPI is an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit Washington, D.C., think tank.

Jules Vasquez Reporting,


Jamal Shyne Barrow was deported to Belize today – ending two decades of residence in the United States and close to 9 years of imprisonment for felony assault charges in New York.

Now, deportees coming home never make the news and, usually, the return of deportees is reason for lamentation…but not today, for his very prominent family and this very famous ex-convict, it was cause for celebration. And perhaps rightly so, because at 30 years old Shyne Barrow is no regular deportee; he was a major recording artist at the time of his imprisonment and successfully released a recording while in prison. He is still considered a very bankable artist and more than that, his father is the prime minister. Sounds like a perfect recipe for a media feeding frenzy and 7News was at the airport. Here’s the play by play.

The scene at the airport was mostly unremarkable – no great flurry of fans – just a few curious onlookers and a few handfuls of well wishers. But there was a buzz of activity, a convoy of SUVs, Shyne’s entourage in position, the Prime Minister’s vehicle shuttling about.

The only other remarkable thing was the scrum of media pressed up against the chain link fence adjoining the VIP room where Shyne would be processed. That was the only access the media could get because airport security closed the waving gallery – which offers the best vantage point for viewing persons who arrive was closed. So the media battled with the chain link fence to see the most famous deportee ever Jamal Shyne Barrow now known as Moses Michael Levy. The only camera inside was NICH, shooting for a documentary being made  by the film commissioner, Nigel Miguel.

The flight from Houston landed at 2:32 and everyone got what they were waiting for when a frail and ragged looking Shyne emerged escorted by the Commissioner of Police. We are told the first person he asked for was his mother. And Imion Myvett was waiting nearby and took him into the VIP room where his family was waiting.

He was in there with them for about half an hour and while the media waited for a press briefing, his uncle Michael Finnegan told us it wouldn’t happen.

Hon. Michael Finnegan, Uncle of Shyne

“He want to say how happy he is to be home and to be a free man. He would love to have a conversation with the media but because he was legally advised by Profesor Ogletree, he must not speak to the media because he don’t want to prejudice his situation any at all with the US government or Belize government. So he asked me to ask you that he don’t want to disrespect you the media but please understand what is going on. He is leaving from here, I believe he probably left already, or he will be going to the Princess Royal Youth Hostel at mile 21 on the Western Highway at this moment where he will talk to the residents at that institution.”

Jules Vasquez,

“What is his disposition right now and how is his greeting with the family?”

Hon. Michael Finnegan,

“Well you could see the tears and the hugs and the romantic situation in there, especially with his grandmother and with his father, with his young  brother Anwar, they hugged and never wanted to let go one another.”

Jose Sanchez, News 5

“Will there be a family dinner tonight, everybody, father included and uncle?”

Hon. Michael Finnegan,

“No there will be no, we are not a formal kind of people so we will play it by ear. His residence at my place is two weeks away from completion so he has rented a complete floor at Radisson Fort George Hotel. So every room on a floor was taken by him, whether he will use it or nuh use it. But he said that after going through the eight and a half years he has gone through, he needs some privacy, he needs not be around nobody, he needs just to sit and contemplate his whole life and I think that we need to respect that. If you notice he has lost a extreme amount of weight.”

Jose Sanchez,

“As his uncle what were your first words to him?”

Hon. Michael Finnegan,

“Come yah old bwoy. That’s all I said to him because when he was small and ih raise up with me I used to call him old fart; so come yah old fart, come yah old bwoy and that is how we greet one another when we talk on the phone.”

With that Shyne left the VIP lounge gave the cameras a wave his mother Imian Myvett and his mother Esme Diaz a kiss, and his brother Anwar a few words and left in a convoy of SUVs. Well wishers were happy to see him.

Berne, Performer

“I feel good for him that he’s back in Belize. Now he has freedom, being locked up in detention facilities is not no fund. Shyne is far from a  punk and he can definitely hold his own but you know what, there is nothing like freedom and in Belize we have a lot of freedom that a lot of us take for granted.”

Man #1,

“To my knowledge it is not a big deal but it is history for the Prime Minister’s son to arrive like what they say, under these circumstances.”

Man #2,

“I am just out here to see that he is back in the country and I am proud to know that he is back as a Belizean and that is about it.”

Woman #1,

“He is a Belizean and I am just happy that he is home back.”

DJ Busch,

“I’ve known Shyne before he had blown up. He is a King’s Park youth as I said and for me, the whole thing is I feel good to know he is out of jail free. That is basically my thing, not even about the celebrity status and all that about him being out of jail; freedom.”

Man #3,

“I wah see the man in person, I nuh see a yet. I see ah pon TV but I want to see him enter and relax himself and go back because he is a Belizean brother.”

Man #4,

“I am glad that he is back and people of Belize can enjoy his music, his rap music, and probably he can progress from there go back.”

As noted by his uncle Finnegan Shyne’s first stop was the Youth Hostel at mile 21 on the Western Highway. Our team was there of course, and we’ll have that story later on.

Now, a few notes, first on deportees. As we’ve told you the standard practice is that deportees are processed at the Crime Intelligence Unit office at the Queen Street Police Station. Shyne was not and that’s because, as told to us by the Commissioner of Police, he was processed inside the VIP lounge at the airport.

Second, on Shyne’s name and religion. We call him Shyne because that’s his recording name, but he has told his family today that he is now Moses Michael Levy, a name chosen to reflect his religious beliefs; in prison he converted to Judaism, meaning that he is now Jewish. His legal advisor, Professor Charles Ogletree will arrive on Saturday and he will address the media at that time.


Secret Lesbun Society

October 25, 2009

It’s a swedish city that fascinates China. A city populated by lesbians, where men are banned. Two blondes girls guarding the entrance this 25 000 inhabitants enclave reported the very serious Chinese media outlet Xinhua *. Males who want to get in may be savagely beaten by the police. People are turning to homosexuality “because they can restrain their desires,” says the news agency Harbin News.

Those who decide to leave the city to respond to the call of the flesh can not return unless they are willing to wash and engage in other rituals so that their antics have no negative impact on the mental state of other inhabitants.Chako Paul (or north of Sweden, according to the articles) is nestled in the heart of the forests in the north of Sweden.

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Cuba: Waiting for a Revolution

October 22, 2009

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In “Cuba: Waiting for a Revolution” Adrian Baschuk travels to Cuba to examine the potential of a counter-revolution against a leadership that has been in power for 50 years. He’s agreed to be interviewed in the same fashion as Mariana, which means we need questions from you! Do you have questions about Cuba, Castro’s 50 year reign, or any of Adrian’s other work with Vanguard? You can post your question as a comment below, or as a tweet@current.