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Are presidents Africa’s new kings ?

November 1, 2010

Some African leaders enjoy absolute power and even some life-time presidents.Most if not all African leaders are selfish and don’t give a hoot about their people or countries.And we the African people are too passive. According to Foreign Policy PAUL BIYA of Cameroon is widely held as the Worst of the Worst !

A suave bandit who has reportedly amassed a personal fortune of more than $200 million and the mansions to go with it, Biya has co-opted the opposition into complete submission. Not that he’s worried about elections; he has rigged the term limit laws twice to make sure the party doesn’t end anytime soon.
Years in power: 28


Rihanna Is Accused Of Devil Worship [Conspiracy Theory]

February 17, 2010

Rihanna Arrives In Australia For Promotional Tour

Apparently Satan was head of music in heaven. He uses influential people…to help influence the world. Once you make a certain amount of money, you might be invited to join.To get in you have to accept the beast, worship. Once you join they assist you with your career and make you huge only if you agree and obey to destroy Gods words and his children.Are people taking it too far?


Gossip Round Up

October 26, 2009

Vanity Fair, which laid off journalists last week, is reportedly hiring actor Sean Penn to travel to Havana to conduct an interview with Cuban president Fidel Castro. The magazine is said to have assigned Penn to write a story about how the Obama administration has affected Cuba.

LBN-COMMENTARY By PETER BART: Mention Roman Polanski at a social gathering and you are likely to find yourself in a heated argument. With bail now formally denied by the Swiss (Polanski already has spent one month in jail) and with extradition to the U.S. seemingly inevitable, the debate will grow ever more shrill.

THE LIST RANT By ERICKA T. BASS: 1. If theres a bigger loser on the planet than Lorenzo Lamas, I haven’t found him.   2. Time-Warner can shove their awful customer service up their ass.   3. Men I would never sleep with, even for money: Obama, Kaddafi, Sam Zell, Bono, Monty Hall and, of course, Lorenzo Lamas.   4. Want to throw up at a restaurant – go to Buca di Beppo or the Olive Garden.   5. Blue Shield now sends me their notices in about ten different languages. Lucky me.   6. Thank God women like me broke out of their domestic cocoon, leaving their stupid mother’s circumscribed lives in the garbage heap.   7. Face it, friends – America is so obsessed with youth and looks even with an array of super-expensive cosmetic procedures that allow women to become their own Frankenstein Barbies.   8. Stupid female celebrities: Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Helen Hunt, Pamela Anderson and last but certainly not least Lindsay Lohan.

an excerpt from Levine Breaking News


Kanye Been Wild since Day one

October 23, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Taleb Kweli talks Crazy Kanye West Tour Stories (Kanye Wanting To Come Out With A Neckbrace & Wheel Chair).We already knew that something was specifically wrong with Kanye, its just another evidence that he should seriously consider therapy.


Bronson Pinchot on Tom Cruise’s Homophobia and Denzel one of the most unpleasant human beings!

October 22, 2009

Hilarious interview with Bronson Pinchot, who claims Tom Cruise made ‘constant’ homophobic comments as a 20-year-old.Let’s join him as he recalls the Risky Business set:

Risky Business (1983)””Barry”

BP: We didn’t know it was going to be a big hit. We thought Tom [Cruise] was the biggest bore on the face of the Earth. He had spent some formative time with Sean Penn”we were all very young at the time, Tom was 20, I was 23. Tom had picked up this knack of calling everyone by their character names, because that would probably make your performance better, and I don’t agree with that. I think that acting is acting, and the rest of the time, you should be you, but he called us all by our character names. He was tense and made constant, constant unrelated homophobic comments, like, “You want some ice cream, in case there are no gay people there?” I mean, his lingo was larded with the most There was no basis for it. It was like, “It’s a nice day, I’m glad there are no gay people standing here.” Very, very strange.

Years and years later when people started to torment him with that, I used to think “God, that’s really fitting, because he tormented a lot of people as a 20-year-old.” He made such a big deal about it. Same thing with Eddie Murphy”I remember somebody calling and saying, “You’ll never guess who was just caught with a transvestite!” [Laughs.] And I remember thinking that seemed fitting, because there are certain people in showbiz who make it an agenda, every third sentence has to have something knocking that life choice, and you think, “What are you doing?” Like, these women came up to me in a restaurant”I was wearing a bright red shirt, and I was with some friends, and they said, “Would you like to join our club? We wear red.” What kind of choice is that? If you spent many years in the theater, and then you show up in movies, and people have on their to-do list for the day that they’re going to make a comment every third sentence, it strikes you as very strange. I just thought it was very funny that years later, that became his bugaboo. Which is a nice 1930s term I thought you’d enjoy.

AVC: Do you think he was just insecure? Or that he was young?

BP: I really don’t know. It is what it is; there’s nothing I can add to it. If someone’s 20 years old and every third line out of their mouth is anti-something specific, then draw your own conclusion. I thought it was very weird. Similarly, there’s a certain type of middle-aged woman that will tell you within 20 seconds of meeting you that she can’t find anyone to take her to bed. And that really strikes me as strange, too, like, “Why are you telling me that?” I don’t like any kind of conversational agenda; it makes me uncomfortable. I just think it’s weird. Unless you’re with your very best friends and you’re being silly. Then you can do whatever you want.

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Hunt Chris Brown

October 22, 2009

Freaking funny video


Blind Item : clingy, needy and desperate.

October 21, 2009

While reading this the ONLY names that came to mind are Ciara, Keri Hilson…

We’ve reported in the past on female singers being jealous of the success of Beyonce, the following female singer is no exception and wanted to dethrone Beyonce and become the baddest chick in the game! Didn’t happen.
This female singer has an outrageous ego and she’s super arrogant, for reasons only known to her.Behind closed doors, when she’s among white celebrities, she always makes it a point to say, “I’m not entirely African-American, I’m mixed,” which is a lie.Like many female celebrities, she has man problems but allegedly these problems stem from being clingy, needy and desperate.It’s also been reported that she’s aloof towards fans and she continues to burn bridges throughout the industry. She’s so big headed, she no longer needs those who contributed to her success.She also hangs out with a scandalous crew who were recently overheard saying, “We’re too cute and too good for this club.” They also got mad when patrons stared at them, demanding that security throw them out.People are also whispering that her cars are leased, so she can keep up appearances.This woman is very disliked among her peers and fans.