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Now, That’s the Christmas spirit.

December 21, 2009

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“Accenture surely know what it takes to be a good Tiger”

December 19, 2009

Accenture Drops Tiger Woods From Advertising Campaigns, Signs Still Remain

As Tiger wood’s private life remaining a daily distraction topic on Tv talk shows and website,Accenture applied in less than one week the basic principles of public relations damage control.

First, as they wanted him to completely disappear, they litterally ordered all employees to tear down all the posters that say” We Know what it takes to be a good Tiger” and replaced by an anonymous skier on the company’s website homepage.

By Monday Afternoon, any visible Tiger Wood’s poster was removed by staff members in their New York office.The next day marketing and communication employees around the world were asked to “dump” any remaining Tiger-emblazoned poster.

Accenture’s spokesman said they didnt tell all of its 177 000 employees to dump their Tiger’s Tshirts, caps, and cheap souvenir away but the company’s intention is to ensure they are no longer using it internally or externally.That meant telling staff members in a e-mail message to review their pitchs and slides shows to ensure that they no longer include Tiger Wood.

On Sunday the company proclaimed that Mr Woods was no longer the right representative for its advertising and began scrubbing his name away even though, ironnically, Tiger Woods was selected wednesday as Athlete of the Decade by U.S sports editors.


Plaxico Burress Bidding for Prison Furlough

December 8, 2009

The man who shot himself accidentally  in a public place and got 2 years behind bars aka Plaxico Buress has petitioned the New York State Department of Corrections for a work furlough that would allow him to spend nights at home with his family instead of behind bars. He could also use the time to begin negotiations with NFL teams, who haven’t been too keen on trying to sign a player for a carton of cigarettes and credits at the canteen of the Oneida Correctional Facility.

According to the New York Post, Burress appears “depressed and isolated” in prison which is pretty shocking until you realize he’s in prison and not at summer camp. Based on past history, he may have to keep a stiff upper lip a bit longer.

Mr. Burress is eligible for work release under the Department of Corrections’ guidelines, then he should get it,” said Benjamin Brafman. “And my hope is that his celebrity status does not prevent him from getting a break that every other inmate with the same facts would be entitled to.”

Brafman tried this same “treat him like a civilian” course of action before Plax pleaded guilty and it didn’t work. Burress was treated exactly the same as everyone else charged with gun posession, but wanted to get special treatment so he didn’t end up sharing a shower room with them….


Tiger Wood & Jokes

December 6, 2009

Tiger Woods is newsworthy these days as you might have guessed, even “jokes about Tiger Woods” made a hit on search engines… here’s a few ones

Tiger now has 6 Girlfriends and a 1 Wife… All he needs now is 11 more and he will have his own Golf Course.

Elin Woods may yet be charged with domestic violence.  However, in her defense, it is a Scandinavian tradition to go clubbing on Thanksgiving.

Tiger Wood, or Tiger wouldn’t: that is the question.

Tiger Woods got an offer to star in the new Wayans Brothers sequel called   ” White Chicks 2 ”

The first three things Tiger plans to give up in 2010 are : Cadillacs , Telephone messages, and Swedish Blondes .


Pic of the Day

November 23, 2009

Holy wardrobe malfunction! So this is what happens on Sunday Night Football?I’m starting to believe those swirling rumors….

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Old School Journalism

November 11, 2009
popupPhotographs by Rina Castelnuovo for The New York Time

The NYT published on Monday an hilarious reportage about a god damn 18 years old kid talented but egotistical basketball player sent in Haifa, Isreal for a 140K deal so he can play professionally as he skipped his high school senior year and only dream about being with his girlfriend an American power couple backed with 200 millions in cash! But hey, guess what ? Things went hell very quickly.

Delicious article at link


Jay-Z – Empire State of Mind feat Bridget Kelly Live At The New York Yankees Victory Parade

November 7, 2009

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The New York Yankes Victory Parade in Pictures