Secret Lesbun Society

It’s a swedish city that fascinates China. A city populated by lesbians, where men are banned. Two blondes girls guarding the entrance this 25 000 inhabitants enclave reported the very serious Chinese media outlet Xinhua *. Males who want to get in may be savagely beaten by the police. People are turning to homosexuality “because they can restrain their desires,” says the news agency Harbin News.

Those who decide to leave the city to respond to the call of the flesh can not return unless they are willing to wash and engage in other rituals so that their antics have no negative impact on the mental state of other inhabitants.

Chako Paul (or north of Sweden, according to the articles) is nestled in the heart of the forests in the north of Sweden. Many people wear “a big tool belt loaded lumberjack,” Xinhua said.

This stunning venue, founded in 1820 by a rich widow, has even had the honor of Chinese television: the news was relayed by the Shanghai Media Group.

The only snag in Sweden, no one knows the existence of Chako Paul. Bertilson Claes, spokesman for the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR), has never heard of, reports the Swedish site The Local. “With 25 000 inhabitants, it would be one of the largest cities in northern Sweden. I can not believe we can keep this secret for over a hundred fifty years. “Per Wilhelmsson, the tourist office in Umeå in the north, never heard of this female enclave. The story reminds him at most an initiative in the 1980s by the town of Pajala. “They were short of women, then they have some by busloads.”

* The Xinhua withdrew his articles on Paul Chako following a survey published by The Local, we have been informed by the Swedish site.

Article translated by Mandingo and first published on the french weekly  n° 990 “Courrier International”

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