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Seriously !

November 16, 2009

American Muslims To Fort Hood Shooter: ‘Thanks A Lot, Asshole’

FORT HOOD, TX—Following Army psychologist Nidal Malik Hasan’s shooting rampage on the Fort Hood military base last week that left 13 people dead and 30 others injured, fellow Muslims across the nation sent him a message today, saying “thanks a fucking bunch, asshole,” to the 39-year-old killer. “Hey, great, eight years of progress right down the shitter,” St. Cloud, MN resident Zahida Naseem said at one of dozens of impromptu rallies held nationwide. “And you just had to scream ‘Allahu Akbar’ while you did it, didn’t you? May as well have put on a turban and rode a fucking camel right through the army base, you dick. Thanks for making the foreseeable future a living hell for normal, peace-loving Muslims in this country. Really appreciate it!” American Sikhs are also reportedly enraged with Hasan, and an official statement from the National Sikh Heritage Center read, in part, “look, we got nothing to do with that guy.

source : The Onion

Fort Hood Victims List

November 6, 2009
Twelve Dead In Mass Shooting At Fort Hood

Who is Nidal Hassan Malik ?

Nidal Hassan Malik was born in the United States, near Washington, to parents of Palestinian origin. He was able to study and become a psychiatrist engaging in the army. He has long worked at Walter Reed center in the federal capital, a military hospital where they treat soldiers who have psychiatric problems when returning from combat zones. For years then he heard the suffering of these people, traumatized by their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, and had therefore to learn that they would send him there. Besides, some of his relatives say he was feeling rejected or harassed in the army because of his Muslim origins. He even tried to leave the army, without managing to break his contract.

List Of Fort Hood Victims: An official list of names for those victims who were killed or wounded in the Fort Hood shooting has not yet been released. The victim names which are listed below are only a few of the names being reported through ABC news, various local news stations, family members, and other sources.

Names of the victims wounded during the Fort Hood shooting.

Kimberly Munley, shot in hand and both legs.
Matthew Cook, 30, shot in abdomen.
Amber Bahr, 19, shot in the stomach.
Keara Bono, 21, shot in back.
Joy Clark, 27, unspecified gunshot
Joey Foster, 21, shot in the hip.
Justin Johnson, 21, shot in chest and leg.
Grant Moxon, 23, shot in the leg.
George Stratton III, 18, shot on shoulder.
Raymondo Saucedo, 26, bullet grazed his arm.
Nathan Hewett, unspecified injury.
Alonzo Lunsford, shot three to four times.

Names of the victims killed during the Fort Hood shooting.

Michael Pearson, 21
Amy Krueger, 29
Jason Dean Hunt, 22
John Gaffaney, 56
Aaron Thomas Nemelka,19
Russel Seager, 51
Francheska Velez, 21, and unborn child