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Chris Brown Announces Release Date For Graffiti Album

October 27, 2009


“Official album date: December 15. Graffiti. Now blog about this. Lol,” Brown wrote in the tweet (@MechanicalDummy).

Chris made headlines over the weekend when he tweeted a link to a video montage of him and princess RiRi called “ The way We used To be’- public relations scheme

Looks like Brown or his publicist still understand how to have some good press before “Grafiti” dropped out.A released date exactly 10 days before Christmas so you Grand’Ma whom has been emotionnaly touched by the fact that he still loves her will give it to you as the perfect gift.


Chris Brown’s New Single, ‘Crawl,’ Hits The Internet

October 21, 2009


Another boring formulaic song,yesterday it was Rihanna’s turn, now its up to Chris Brown. For those who care- I dont- here’s a link to download the song