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More Arts correspond with higher graduation rates[wealth culture]

November 18, 2009
First Lady Michelle Obama Visits Denver High School

A new study by the Center for Arts Education has found that schools that have increased access to arts education programs also have higher graduation rates.Well, its kinda make sense, Arts has always been known to open minds, motivate for challenging opportunities.Listen Richard Kessler, CAE’s Executive Director, and Doug Israel, Director of Research and Policy proving their point.Meanwhile, a study was published earlier this year out of Cambridge University coming to much the same conclusion in Britain. Focusing on math, science and reading — especially in the Test Test Test! framework that Arne Duncan espouses — and excluding the arts can have really detrimental effects on kids, emotionally and intellectually.This is what is needed to make the change we need to make – solid data to support the correlation between art activity and academic outcomes. Put this study together with the Cambridge study, do more and argue, argue, argue for the requisite funding.

Read the report here.

Source Leonard Lopate Show WNYC

Cashing in on death and suffering? Is this really what Michael Jackson would have wanted?

October 30, 2009

This is why I love the british medias, they always go beyond  the news and gave us a critical point of view.Personnaly, i found  distasteful how some folks are apparently looking to capitalize on the incredible demand for news and information about Michael Jackson in the wake of the pop icon’s death.

This Is It Premiere Hit LA With A Bang Despite The Wind!

The ‘concert movie’ This Is It raises many moral questions, but one thing that’s clear is how dull Kenny Ortega’s film is

“Until this week, the stand-out detail about the director Kenny Ortega was his habit of fining cast and crew a dollar for yawning on his sets. And any movie-goer who did not have parental responsibilities for keeping children entertained during school holidays might have concluded that, if Kenny introduced a similar yawn-box for his audience, he would soon be paying back most of his income from showbiz.Ortega has specialised in anodyne entertainment: choreographing Dirty Dancing before directing all three of the High School Musical movies. But this maker of teen market crowd-pleasers has suddenly excited a howling mob by presiding over one of the most tendentious cinematic projects ever made.

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Spike Jonze’s Bitchslaps Kanye West

October 29, 2009

To promote yesterday’s iTunes release of the pair’s new short, We Once Were a Fairytale, Spike Jonze posted this medium-funny behind-the-scenes video of him pretending to slap a distracted Kanye West on the set. Given Kanye’s popularity these days, this seems like pretty smart marketing. Also, bear in mind that this clip was shot before Kanye pissed Spike off for real by leaking Fairytale on his blog last week, so it might be the first in a series.

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Artworks Are Unveiled At The Frieze Art Fair

October 15, 2009

An art fair like Frieze is a great barometer of what’s happening in the art world, as aside from collectors, there are several curators who have come from far afield to carry out research.Get a daily sneak peek with Dealer’s diary.