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Last Night in Moscow

November 15, 2009
Russian RnB star Timati and his Black Star Band perform in Moscow
Rapper Timati with his Black Star Band performs The Boss show in the Milk nightclub.
Though we’re in the age of internet and fast communications around the world, I would never ever have guessed Hip Hop music having an audience in Russia until i heard  recently of  Rapper Timati whom litterally stunned on them- he became famous due to a daddy’s money… all Russian-language people do not respect him and of course  talented russian rappers don’t like this idiot -when its comes to rap in Russian.. Aside the hot chicks whispering from time to time i didnt have a clue about what he was saying when i watched the music video, but i have to admitt rapping in russian is pretty much awesome in a certain kind of way.

K’s Choice – Another Year

November 11, 2009

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I love this song so much.Its reminded me the naive and immature 18 years old me whom was went in the South of France -Toulouse- to pursue a higher education.Independance being my motto, its excatly at that time that i felt the beginning of my new own life without any parents, family nearby..You know those years where friendship,the first love, formidables parties, could only lead you to see life beautifully  as if unhappiness never existed.4 Am used to found my apparttement filled with empty bottles of red, cigarettes ashes,a couples of friends “high”, the night was spent talking about the first crush on the campus, religion, recreationnal drugs and all the things that mattered to us.A truly amazing college experience that dramatically shaped my personnality as i started to “think” about the world surrounding me, to confront my own fears thus building the real ” me”.


Portishead to record new album

October 20, 2009

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Portishead are set to make a follow-up to 2008’s album ‘Third’.The band who recently said that they were working on new material from ‘a different angle’, have revealed it wouldn’t take another 11 years to record a new album.

No, it’s just that I gave up music for five years, so the album [‘Third‘] only took about four years in total.”Barrow told The Quietus. “But I guess when you’re trying to reinvent the wheel – I don’t think we did it – don’t get me wrong, I don’t rate myself that highly – but when you come up with something that you are finally happy with, it’s OK.” He explained.”We didn’t want to repeat ourselves but it was really difficult sometimes.” he said. “If you want to do something different, you really can’t because it doesn’t sound like you; so when you don’t sound like what you like about yourself, you end up writing stuff that you hate. It was like eating a curry and puking it up and eating it again.”