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Last Night in Miami

December 8, 2009

Though the economy is still in the doldrums, Art Basel Miami Beach’s party schedule showed no sign of relenting over the weekend.Remo Ruffino hosted a dinner at Casa Tua to celebrate Moncler’s collaboration with Pharrell Williams. The multitalented music man was modeling one of his vests, which resembled something that might be in a law-enforcement officer’s closet.

“Is this it?” asked his friend Naomi Campbell, who arrived with a bodyguard and boyfriend Vladislav Doronin in tow. “It’s brilliant.”

“It’s not bullet-proof, but it’s fashion-proof,” Williams said. Meanwhile, a nearly unrecognizable Daphne Guinness swept in mid-dinner to join guests John McEnroe, Patti Smith, Marjorie Gubelmann, Rebecca de Ravenel, Ambra Medda and Vito Schnabel. Her usually skunk-striped hair was completely black and she had donned a floor-length cape over a black leather catsuit, paired with towering, heel-less Nina Ricci boots.

“I just arrived from London,” she said. “It’s f—ing hot here.”


Exit Strategy

November 5, 2009
Hut and boats in ocean

I dreamed of founding msyelf, 24 hours laters, relaxing on the sun deck, Ipod turned on, feeling the breathless peace of the yacht swirling Hermitage Bay’s clear blue waters .Floetry’s hypnotic drum beats at heart,all creating a strikingly cinematic listening experience.