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Kicks of the Day

October 29, 2009


Clae seems to look like it is aiming towards mature men in other words 40 plus but if you think about it men or even women below that age could definetly pull these off.Todays sneaker game is so absorbed into the fresh and hype as opposed to Clae whom is just keeping it classy and simple, no far out colorways or glow in the darks. In the end the opinion is yours so are the feet but claes are something I would definetly wear even though they are a bit tight around the toe.


Guess who’s back ?

October 28, 2009

A Sony employee has been terminated for leaking information around the release date of Sade’s new project, it is unknown at this time if this is the reason the original date posted was changed to unknown. The last time Sade released an album, the size of the internet as well as surfers around the world was a small fraction of wat it is now. Sade is always low off the radar, but her global fans and worlwide music in this day and age,.. you can almost expect what happened at Sony to be true, and unfortunately we can all expect her songs to be leaked before official release, downloaded off the internet…

No matter what you’ve read on the internet, had release info before Billboard, Originally sources had a date of 11/24, but later confirmed a release date unknown. Stay tuned…

If you know Sade, you know she does not make albums for the money, Sade is an artist who creates music purely on inspiration. Hence why we’ve waited nearly a decade for another release, like a poet with a 9 year dry spell until she fell in love again, Sade will bless us with another classic. November 2000 was the last time Sade had a new album out, here we are, 9 years later and we are once again being blessed with another November release date, Why november? Sade loves the Holidays…

While some political observers lament a return of the same old, same old, fans of the Nigerian-born singer have gladly welcomed a fresh batch of takes on the labors of lost love. Regardless of the new talent and musical trends that have come and gone since her last studio album, one thing will never change, her honeyed voice. With only slight stylistic changes marking each new collection of songs, Sade has sold more than 40 million albums since the mid-’80s, each marked by tales of heartache and longing, and none more spare and haunting than Lovers Rock.

The 50-year-old singer, who got her first break in the early ’80s fronting the English Latin soul band Pride, reveals little about her closely shielded private life on her #5 album.

From her signature first hit, 1984’s “Smooth Operator,” off her Diamond Life debut, to “The Sweetest Taboo,” Sade has avoided trend-hopping. It’s a pattern she told MTV Europe she’s continuing on her latest release. “We’re lucky that we have some platform already established that we can step back onto,” she said. “We haven’t ever adapted to fit in and even right at the very beginning we didn’t really fit in. We have our own kind of course and that’s the route we go. So we either sink or swim.”



October 23, 2009

This is by far, one of the best renditions of J Holidays songs by a solo pianoist.Because of his passion and emotions, the way he hits every note so as to sing every word in his mind and let it flow threw his fingers took my breath away.I feel so calm when i hear him playing, for 6 min he had me listening intently to a song I’ve never given any credit to before.Its amazing how he can turn any song into something so beautiful and classic.David putting a lot more soul and meaning behind this songs definetly speaks volumes of his talent.I think im in love with his piano work…


Wine & Dine: Classic in Brooklyn

September 28, 2009


Perfectly executed creative dishes, the chef at Saul is a genius and the flavor combinations inspiring and exciting.The combination of the ingredients in many of the dishes was incredibly delicious..I love this restaurant, the intimacy of the small, exposed-brick dining room.The server was very gracious and friendly.Doesn’t get a lot of buzz, but that’s a good thing.The server was very gracious and friendly.Doesn’t get a lot of buzz, but that’s a good thing.It’s a great place to bring a date.

Saul, 140 Smith St. (between Dean and Bergen sts.); 718-935-9844