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Everybody comes to Hollywood

November 3, 2009
Breakthrough Brit Week - "Welcome To Hollywood" Breakfast With Tanya Kersey

As Madonna Put it so well ; “Everybody comes to Hollywood.They wanna make it in the neighborhood.They like the smell of it in Hollywood.How could it hurt you when it looks so good”.Well,Tanya Keyser (Public Relations) think same thus she organised  an event -‘Welcome To Hollywood’ breakfast- yesterday morning at Cecconi’s Restaurant aimed to show us how inspiring and cute her talent pool is.Besides being another boring publicity stunt for her clients, the idea of showcasing new talents is not a bad one, except it could  have been more appealling  if we had at the same time a press release or a footage.Just in case we wanna know a little bit more than a picture and a name.Aren’t they cute ?

More pictures.


Spike Jonze’s Bitchslaps Kanye West

October 29, 2009

To promote yesterday’s iTunes release of the pair’s new short, We Once Were a Fairytale, Spike Jonze posted this medium-funny behind-the-scenes video of him pretending to slap a distracted Kanye West on the set. Given Kanye’s popularity these days, this seems like pretty smart marketing. Also, bear in mind that this clip was shot before Kanye pissed Spike off for real by leaking Fairytale on his blog last week, so it might be the first in a series.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Roman Polanski, provisional release rejected !

October 20, 2009


This tuesday morning, The Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona (South) rejected the request for provisional release of Franco-Polish director Roman Polanski, held in Switzerland
for over three weeks on U.S. warrant, because Roman Polanski may “take a private plane or helicopter” and thus “leave Switzerland within a few hours.” This may include, easily get in France and  no longer fears extradition.AP) – Updated 1 hour ago GENEVA — Lawyers for Roman Polanski are clashing over his legal strategy, with one saying the director won’t surrender to U.S. authorities after 31 years on the run and another suggesting that Polanski was ready to consider the move.Attorney Herve Temime says there has been “no change in strategy,” telling the AP that Polanski will “continue to fight extradition” to the United States for having sex in 1977 with a 13-year-old girl.Earlier Wednesday, fellow Polanski attorney Georges Kiejman told Europe 1 radio that Polanski could voluntarily return to face justice in Los Angeles.Polanski has been pressing for his release since being arrested last month in Zurich. He suffered a major setback Tuesday when a Swiss criminal court rejected his offer of bail, saying his flight risk was too high.


“We Were Once A Fairytale” Kanye West Dir:Spike Jonze

October 19, 2009

Beautiful piece of Art : this is what happens when you put two of the most creative thinkers in entertainment in a room and lock the door for a few days.Spike Jonze understood perfectly how to portray  egomaniacal artist Kanye West- and render him with some fragility, we ‘re thrown into a place where we could only  understand, pardon,give him credits.We’re touched emotionally,we all battle with ourselves.

update : Kanye West has apologised to fans after he removed the video directed by Spike Jonze from his website.West’s blog says: “Sorry I had to take it down.” It is not known why the video was removed.

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Taqwacore : An Islamic punk music scene

October 17, 2009


Director Omar Majeed debut documentary Taqwacore  -The Birth of Punk Islam – is the story of disaffected young Muslims in the States who, taking inspiration from converted American Muslim Michael Muhammad Knight and his 2002 self-published novel The Taqwacores, formed an Islamic punk music scene in his novel’s image.Knight’s central question:

“Could a person take the best parts of Islam and the best parts of punk and forge a new spiritual path?” was the basis for The Taqwacores – Taqwa, the Arabic word for God-consciousness, and core, from hardcore punk. And so a misfit Muslim manifesto was born, using the text not as doctrine, but as inspiration.

“Pre-9-11, being a Muslim was not an issue,” Majeed explains. “At the time of 9-11, Islam was the embarrassing uncle in the room. Since then we’ve conjured up a Muslim boogieman. But the situation is really much more complex than that.

“My goal was to open up the debate. The Q&As we’ve had after the film have been thoughtful and engaged. I want to reach as many as possible into the Muslim community and beyond. So far, we’re reaching the audience that’s looking for it. There’s always a couple at each screening who say ‘thank you. Seeing the movie gives me a sense of purpose.’ “