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Gore Vidal rips Polanski rape victim as “Young Hooker”

November 1, 2009


The 83-year-old Vidal recently told The Atlantic magazine he has no sympathy for Samantha Geimer, Polanski’s victim.Even though I’m huge fan of Gore, he may have take this a little bit too far.I dont even understand why he did  feel necessary to express his opinion on the matter when Polanski himself pleaded guilty in 1977 after being indicted for raping the girl.

“Look, am I going to sit and weep every time a young hooker feels as though she’s being taken advantage of?”said Vidal, a screenwriter and novelist, who ran in the same circles as Polanski in the 1970s.

He said the media pushed a false image of Geimer.. He fled to Europe before he was sentenced. He was arrested in Switzerland in September and faces extradition.