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Young Jets

November 3, 2009

Kerry and John Legend

New York Jets Safety Rhodes want you to know that he has a “gorgeously green” brand new site – the other one was just awful-, he released the “news” on his Twitter account : “gmorning twit fam! go and check out the new site! the launch was yesterday with the foundaton events!! Vayner media nice”.

Normally, i’m not into blogging about website’s launches unless the reading experience is amazing, but being curious i browsed through his gallery and went aghast litterally when i saw this awesome picture of him and the man who could sing the alphabet and makes it sounds sexy.One picture worth more than thousands words…Besides, Rhodes’s Fondation main goal is to provide scholarships to certain talented young men and women for the continuation of their academic careers beyond high school.Check out the website for more informations.


Life around Hollywood

October 29, 2009

Google Announces Music Business Partnership With iLike And Lala

Recording artist Mos Def helps Google announce new search capabilities to facilitate online music distribution during an event at the Capitol Records building on October 28 in Hollywood, California.Google is partnering with several companies including MySpace Music, Lala, Pandora and Imeem, all of which have licensing agreements with record companies to download samples and streams of millions of songs online. Among other services, Google is offering free steaming of songs in searches based on portions of the lyrics or musician names. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)


Chris Brown Announces Release Date For Graffiti Album

October 27, 2009


“Official album date: December 15. Graffiti. Now blog about this. Lol,” Brown wrote in the tweet (@MechanicalDummy).

Chris made headlines over the weekend when he tweeted a link to a video montage of him and princess RiRi called “ The way We used To be’- public relations scheme

Looks like Brown or his publicist still understand how to have some good press before “Grafiti” dropped out.A released date exactly 10 days before Christmas so you Grand’Ma whom has been emotionnaly touched by the fact that he still loves her will give it to you as the perfect gift.


Cuba: Waiting for a Revolution

October 22, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In “Cuba: Waiting for a Revolution” Adrian Baschuk travels to Cuba to examine the potential of a counter-revolution against a leadership that has been in power for 50 years. He’s agreed to be interviewed in the same fashion as Mariana, which means we need questions from you! Do you have questions about Cuba, Castro’s 50 year reign, or any of Adrian’s other work with Vanguard? You can post your question as a comment below, or as a tweet@current.