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The estranged wife of Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is making a 43m euros (£39m) a year divorce claim, according to a media report.

November 26, 2009
Barbara Berlusconi Attends Ethics Meeting At The Bocconi University

Veronica Lario filed for divorce in May, angered by a reported liaison with an 18-year-old aspiring hooker.According to Italy’s Corriere della Sera, Mr Berlusconi has offered Ms Lario, with whom he has three children, 200,000 euros a month on the top of  60[m] to 70m euros that have already been paid out.

But that’s barely enough for Veronica, she wants more and honestly she’s right, no amount of money could fade away the public shame and disgrace she has encountered between sex tapes,  the orgies, her husband private parts all over the internet.That was so hard and painful to take on that Ms Lario re-issued her autobiography and demanded a front page apology for his disparaging comments about women.

Mr Berlusconi’s vast fortune – which spans interest in media, publishing, real estate and investment sectors – is estimated by Italian financial journals to be some 9bn euros.Go on Girl !!!!


Modern Bohème

November 3, 2009

00080mEtro Fall/Winter 09


Italy’s answer to Vogue: “Kobe Bryant bellisimo”

October 19, 2009


L’Uomo Vogue  – the very cutting edge of men’s style and high fashion – lists basketball star Kobe Bryant as a contemporary icon in their October 2009 issue.

Kobe Bryant is a character that you hear for years and, on closer look, since he started until now its been over a decade,yet even he had proved to have what it takes to become great.Kobe, however, was already 17 years in the NBA, the Charlotte Hornets before moving to the Los Angeles Lakers, where he still plays and where he has just won the last championship.But there are only superstar: the beauty of working with newcomers is the ability to gamble on talents that are starting to talk about themselves or who have children stories that no one has heard.The purpose of a cover like this is to broaden the horizons of curious readers, who believe that behind the star of the cover there are characters equally talented.

Kobe Bryant (Boss Orange jacket, shirt and bow tie, Boss Black. Fashion editor Rushka Bergman. Photos by Mark Seliger).

Kobe Bryant : The Most Polarizing Figure in Sports


A lesson for Anna [Wintour]

September 29, 2009

It’s perfect time, the newspaper industry is in real trouble – a bunch are up for sale or miring chap 11 (bankruptcy). The medias business’ catastrophe is alone with nothing left but creative minds figuring out how they can reinvent themselves and dump some juicy news contents wherever, whenever we want.

In case you missed the train, we are in the midst of real revolutionary times, a lot of things -Wall street’s financial “Coup d’Etat “, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan- are happening around the world, which itself have been unthinkable one or two years ago.


Unsurprisingly, our favorite media empire- Condénast- has taken note thus has hired Mc Kinsey to figure out imminently a way to reduce the enormous costs-read always flying first for top editors as well as town cars idling even for their assistants, clothing allowances in the high five figures, Franck Gehry’ state of the art cafeteria.

“25 % cut” is nowadays the most talk about word inside the 4 times Square’ Building and everyone is worried about who’ll be the next checking the unemployment’ services

On the other side of the ocean, Vanity Fair’s Italy is doing well, pretty well. In the last NYTimes Sunday Ed, Luca Dina- editor in  chief – explained us few things on how a glossy magazine like Vanity Fair become profitable amid a dying industry.

“The winning idea was to take it weekly” he proudly said, though everyone was a little bit scared when the magazine was first introduced in 2003, “its easier to build a connection with the reader”.

Basically, he’s doing the exact opposite of infamous fashion priest -Anna Wintour-, following a strict rule that ads are never more than 50 percent of the magazine content.

A ruled which itself has paid off very well, the title is the number 1 magazine in terms or revenues and profits.Its bigger than any International Vogue.

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