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How to Dress for a New Year’s Eve Party thus making a brazilian- bombshell-entrance.

December 21, 2009

The biggest parties of the year will be happening on New Year’s Eve.Here’s the looks Of a strikingly attractive appearance capable of causing emotional shock or loss of consciousness..

Dont forget the perfume, everybody will smell good so you’ll have to pick a very particular scent that fits you.Here’s a selection of fragances which make almost everybody ask you the name.

  • M7 By Yves Saint Laurent For Men
  • Tabarome Millesime by Creed
  • L’Artisan Parfumeur Timbuktu
  • English Leather by Creed
  • Serge Lutens Chene
  • Habit Rouge by Guerlain


Style of the Day

December 18, 2009


Coat of the Day : Spring Street vs Madison Avenue

December 8, 2009


h1 Coats to get through the Winter


Holiday Dating Guide

December 5, 2009

John Carney likes to catalog the kind of ladies guys should not date. Melissa Lafsky has issued a riposte.Below a selection of the funniest ones..


  1. Avoid dating a girl just because she is your favorite bartender. Where are you going to drink when you want to forget her?
  2. Avoid any girl who really likes girls who blog about their sex lives. She’s just too lazy to ruin your name right now. She’ll find a way later.
  3. Avoid any girl who ever mentions The Box or Beatrice Inn. She has herpes and just wants your for your cocaine.
  4. Avoid any beautiful girl who wears ugly glasses. She thinks she’s in a romantic comedy for teens.
  5. Avoid any girl in a headband. She’s a slave to fashion and will try to make you use expensive hair-products.
  6. Avoid any girl who wants to monopolize your time on New Year’s Eve. The night is too wrought with emotions and memories. Spend time with as many different people as possible or else stay home and alternate heroin and absinthe until you pass out at twenty till midnight. Also, she’s probably on ritalin and won’t share it.
  7. Avoid any girl who knows the names of all the bartenders in more than four bars. She’s out of your league.
  8. Avoid any girl who smells too nice all the time. There’s something strange happening.
  9. Avoid any girl who tells you she wasn’t interested in you when you first met but has now developed feelings for you. She’s just been dumped and is desperate.
  10. Avoid any girl who has rules or tests for men she dates. She should be on anti-psychotics.
  11. Avoid any girl who buys you shoes for Christmas. You will return them for ones you like and she’ll hate you forever.
  12. Avoid any girl who smokes heavier cigarettes than you. You’re already her bitch.

  13. Avoid ballerinas. She’s too flexible and you’ll just wind up hurting yourself.

  14. Avoid any girl who is still angry because her last boyfriend cheated on her. You’ll cheat on her too.
  15. Avoid any girl who lives within two blocks of you. It’s too soon for that kind of proximity.
  16. Avoid any girl who wears jewelry given to her by her ex-boyfriend on your first date. She is still in love with him, and only him, and will still be wondering why no-one else ever gives her anything nice when she’s living with six cats and getting her meals on wheels.
  17. Avoid any girl whose best friend just got dumped by her boyfriend. Together they are a committee of manhaters and you are the next target for hate.


  1. Avoid any guy who watches Gossip Girl.
  2. Avoid any guy who crashes the office Christmas party. He’s there to bang secretaries. Unless he’s unemployed, in which case he’s there to shmooze, pound free booze, and then bang secretaries.
  3. Avoid any guy who keeps old Victoria’s Secret catalogues in his bathroom. Find some respectable Internet porn, for chrissakes.
  4. Avoid any guy with more than 500 followers on Twitter. His virtual ego will be inflated to levels his physical existence can’t match.
  5. Avoid any guy who drinks gin martinis and sneers at vodka. He’ll be shitty in bed.
  6. Avoid any guy who tries to be cool by saying Megan Fox “isn’t that hot.” Please. Vaginas don’t cause blindness.
  7. Avoid any guy who has had naked photos of himself posted on Deadspin.
  8. Avoid any guy who has more than 10 female numbers programmed into his phone. He plans to inseminate all of them, if he hasn’t already.
  9. Avoid any guy who tells you his ex-girlfriend was crazy. He made her that way.
  10. Avoid any guy who shaves more than 20% of his body surface area.
  11. Avoid any guy who claims to have written, be writing, or aspire to write a novel. Seriously. Fucking run.
  12. Avoid any guy who wears ironic glasses. He thinks he’s the geeky-but-sweet hero in an ’80s movie, and that it’ll get him laid.
  13. Avoid any guys who write lists like this and post them on the Internet. They’re under the delusion that they have a chance with any of the women listed.

48 Hours in Milan

December 4, 2009

I was looking for travel luggages the other day, suprisingly i didnt found a large choice when you want to hustle through the airport in style.Between the monogramed Louis Vuitton collection sounding too much “cliché ” and the Bottega Venetta Marco Polo collection more partial to Safari circus, i have decided to head for something more “exquisite”.. Montblanc has exactly what I needed except for the type of luggage, apparently these are made for those whom travel “light” but anyway its gorgeous. 


Style of the Day [Raw Materials]

November 22, 2009

G-Star has always been one of my favorite street wear brands. I love the construction, the material, and the overall aesthetic of the line … everything from their denim to their jackets, coats, and accessories are distinctive to me and I can easily pick them out.


The People Speak

November 20, 2009
Lupe Fiasco & Michael Ealy
NYC Premiere Of ‘The People Speak’ backstage at Jazz at Lincoln Center on November 19, 2009

The film brings together images, music and narration with re-creations of American moments of resistance. There’s the Declaration of Independence; speeches by Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.; songs by Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and Public Enemy; and a call to action by Cindy Sheehan among many others.

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