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A SINGLE MAN – a film by Tom Ford

December 16, 2009

Aparently it did well at Cannes and Colin Firth is being tauted as a shoe-in for an Oscar nomination. I read great things about it, but the trailer is ridiculously ambiguous -no dialogue, fast cuts of artsy-looking people looking miserable — so that has me worried that it’s all hype.

Fashion designer Tom Ford talks to two semi-naked male extras on the set of his directorial debut movie, “The Single Man”. The film is based on Christopher Isherwood’s 1964 novel of the same name and is set over a day in the life of a man who suddenly loses his lover in a tragic accident.

It’s not exactly going to cross over into the mainstream. It looks exquisite – as you’d expect – but it’s a bit airless and while not being completely shallow, it lacks depth. You admire the clothes and interiors, etc., but it’s not particularly engagin on an emotional level.

That’s what I was afraid of — all style and no substance.But you can bet he’ll be in every frickin magazine during the film’s release, staring at us contemptuously with his little white shirt and black jacket.


Awesome film, Simply Awesome!!

December 3, 2009

A young African boy with a haunting back story starts school in Ireland, and finds out quickly exactly what it means to be the new kid. Winner of Best Narrative Short at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival and nominated for an Oscar.Definitely left me me with a smile on my face!! Good directing.Great story.There is nothing like child innocence

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# MusicMonday

November 16, 2009

I have rinsed this song too many times now ! But I love it so deep and meaningful. Always makes you think of that special person in your life, whether they are past or present…Sing it Anthony!!

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Brandy wanted to play Precious !

November 11, 2009
MTV TRL Presents Brandy, John Legend, And Justin Long

Actress Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe is getting rave reviews for her portrayal as Claireece Precious Jones in Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire. But before the 26-year-old newcomer was cast, another unlikely actress was thought of for the role.

Sapphire, the author whose novel inspired the much-buzzed-about film, told Entertainment Weekly about the many offers she received and eventually turned down to take her book to the big screen.

One of them came from a producer who thought R&B singer and “Moesha” star Brandy should play the obese, illiterate New York City teenager. “I remember this one producer told me that he had found Precious”and it was going to be Brandy,” a shocked Sapphire said. “Excuse me? I literally almost hung up on him.”

Filmmaker Lee Daniels (Monster’s Ball) eventually won the rights to make the movie, casting Sidibe as Precious and comedian Mo’Nique as her abusive mother, Mary Jones.


The Week end Movie : Gentlemen Broncos

October 30, 2009

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This strikes me as the kind of movie where all the funniest jokes are already in the trailer.

“Gentlemen Broncos” — This latest comedy from the makers of indie sensation “Napoleon Dynamite” is so weird, so off, so simply wrong that even freakish nerd Napoleon would have a hard time lending it his catch word, “Sweet.” The husband-and-wife team of director Jared Hess and co-writer Jerusha Hess, who followed “Napoleon Dynamite” with basically the same movie in “Nacho Libre,” strain to mine another misfit story in like vein. Michael Angarano stars as an aspiring sci-fi writer whose story is stolen by his literary hero (Jemaine Clement). Clement is the lone highlight by virtue of being occasionally funny and not completely off-putting like the rest of the cast, which includes Jennifer Coolidge, Sam Rockwell, Mike White, Halley Feiffer and Hector Jimenez. The filmmakers wallow in such gags as explosive reptile defecation, gonad theft and projectile vomiting, delivering a chaotic, infuriating mess that will challenge the most-devoted of the “Napoleon Dynamite” faithful. PG-13 for some crude humor. 90 minutes. One and a half stars out of four. David Germain, AP Movie Writer


This Week end Movie

October 22, 2009


Are you ready for ANTICHRIST? The most scandalous work at this year’s Cannes stars Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg as a bereaved couple who retreat to their remote cabin — ominously named Eden — to repair their broken marriage and confront their deepest fears. But in the hands of von Trier, the visionary behind DogvilleDancer in the Dark and Breaking the Waves, the tale of a relationship in crisis takes a turn toward the twisted, dark and primeval, and it’s clear this couple won’t be out of the woods anytime soon. Warning: ANTICHRIST contains scenes of extremely graphic sexual and violent content and is not suitable for children.

“The most talked about film of the year!” – Village Voice                                   “The most shocking film in the history of the Cannes Film Festival!” – The Sunday Telegraph

“I don’t think I breathed for the last half — out of shock, out of stress, out of disbelief.” – Boston Globe

Antichrist’ sure to shock, but it also awes New York Post

Antichrist’: Lost In The Woods, By Kurt Loder

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Anthony Mackie

October 19, 2009


We just heard that the sickeningly brilliant actor Anthony Mackie was nominated a Gotham Award for Best Ensemble Performance for “The Hurt Locker”! I thought both him and Renner were phenomenal in the film, but he deserved even more praise for creating such a complex, dynamic character.The non-smiling looks he do are too Cool !

Anthony Mackie’s Interview on NewYorkMag