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Pic of the Day

November 7, 2009

01Rendering of the title wall for Bauhaus 1919-1933: Workshops for Modernity

“When creating graphic design for an exhibition we can start in a variety of places. A particular color, the wall layout, or sometimes a typeface will give us a clue to the tone of the show. For a subject as vast and as influential as the Bauhaus, we had to start everywhere at once and create a range of ideas, from vintage to contemporary. Early on, an effort was made to distance ourselves from the Bauhaus’s clichés of color (the use of primaries), type (Bayer-inspired typefaces; see Bloomingdale’s Bags) and form (circles, squares, and triangles). Only after generating hundreds of alternatives and consuming huge amounts of coffee did we begin to stumble upon an appropriate vision for the 2009 show.”

by August Heffner, Design Manager MoMA


How to Dress Up for the Red Carpet

November 5, 2009
00530m - copieD&G Fall -Winter 09


If they make it here, they’ll make it anwheyre

November 5, 2009

40862784New York!!!!

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,

There’s nothing you can’t do,

Now you’re in New York!!!

These streets will make you feel brand new,

the lights will inspire you,

Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York


Shyne Speaks

November 4, 2009
Shyne Barrow Attends Sean "Puffy" Combs Trial

On his mistakes, Religion and Future

Shyne made his second media apperance at the  wesley college -school he attended briefly in 1993 when he last lived in Belize – with his mentor and legal advisor Charles Ogletree.Charles an Harvard educated lawyer who has written extensively on race and American Criminal Justice taught Barack and Michelle Obama and was recently legal advisor of another famed Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates. Shyne talked about his Orthodox Jewish faith and  the mistakes he made but the entire speech was aimed to inspire- read Harvard Spirit- the students on the right thing to do which is : education, education, education.Then he gaves us few hints about the next steps of his career  by saying that he would make more money selling in Europe and Japan than he could make in the entire united states.Word on the street of belize is that Jay-Z will pay him a visit before the end of the year…

download Reporting by Jules Vasquez (Pdf)


Pic of the Day

November 3, 2009

Image-568x758-JPGLast night, Gay Icon Lady Gaga doing a statuesque pose before entering the most boring social experience : Cipriani

thanks to iLoveJsun for the picture


The New York Marathon

November 2, 2009


Almost everybody-New Yorkers-were running their ass off yesterday for the ING New York city Marathon.I did pass on this one, sweating aint cute.Edward Norton brought his massai warriors friends from Kenya,Core Booker and his new BFF mayor Bloomberg were out and about.Pop to see more pictures.


Solange goes “Indie”

November 2, 2009


Solange announced the news on her Twitter:

“Although it’s been a wonderful journey & experience at Interscope Records, after truly recognizing what’s important to ME as an artist, I decided it was time for me to continue my path on a more independent platform. I’m excited about continuing to dive in, experiment and creating music and art with no boundaries, fears or expectations. Gonna be fun folks.”