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Pic of the Day

November 23, 2009

Holy wardrobe malfunction! So this is what happens on Sunday Night Football?I’m starting to believe those swirling rumors….

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PR damage control:Michael Vick to do BET TV series

October 8, 2009


I just want people to really get to know me as an individual,” Vick told the Los Angeles Times. “What I want to do is change the perception of me. I am a human being. I’ve made some mistakes in the past, and I wish it had never happened. But it’s not about how you fall, but about how you pick yourself up.

Meanwhile, PETA spokesman Dan Shannon is furious she told the times : “People who abuse animals don’t deserve to be rewarded,”. “They shouldn’t be given multimillion-dollar contracts . . . or given the privilege of being a role model.”