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Last Night in Hollywood

November 2, 2009

AFI FEST 2009 Screening Of Precious: Based On The Novel 'PUSH' By Sapphire

Oprah Winfrey  and director Tyler Perry arrive at the screening of ‘Precious: Based On The Novel ‘PUSH’ By Sapphire’ during AFI FEST 2009 held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on November 1, 2009 in Hollywood, California.

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Taqwacore : An Islamic punk music scene

October 17, 2009


Director Omar Majeed debut documentary Taqwacore  -The Birth of Punk Islam – is the story of disaffected young Muslims in the States who, taking inspiration from converted American Muslim Michael Muhammad Knight and his 2002 self-published novel The Taqwacores, formed an Islamic punk music scene in his novel’s image.Knight’s central question:

“Could a person take the best parts of Islam and the best parts of punk and forge a new spiritual path?” was the basis for The Taqwacores – Taqwa, the Arabic word for God-consciousness, and core, from hardcore punk. And so a misfit Muslim manifesto was born, using the text not as doctrine, but as inspiration.

“Pre-9-11, being a Muslim was not an issue,” Majeed explains. “At the time of 9-11, Islam was the embarrassing uncle in the room. Since then we’ve conjured up a Muslim boogieman. But the situation is really much more complex than that.

“My goal was to open up the debate. The Q&As we’ve had after the film have been thoughtful and engaged. I want to reach as many as possible into the Muslim community and beyond. So far, we’re reaching the audience that’s looking for it. There’s always a couple at each screening who say ‘thank you. Seeing the movie gives me a sense of purpose.’ “