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Joe: Signature,getting back to basics,and being single for a damn long time…

October 20, 2009

On july 14th, while the french were celebrating “Bastille Day, RnB singer Joe aka chocolate goddess released his latest baby :”Signature”.The singer, known for sensual love songs, drops the charm on “Sex Girl,” bluntly stating he “can’t help but want your sex, girl.” After hearing that sentiment, listeners will surely yearn for the more romantic Joe of old.

The 4 first songs seemed to me as typical slow jam without any creative sound edge and when its comes to the lyrics: it’s all about a girl, sexiness, love, love and you kinda feel bored not to mention annoyed.

Hopefully, as soon as you hit the songs -Miss My Baby,Come to get this,Metaphor,Worst Case Scenario- it’s hard to not feel Joe’s brand of richly textured and organic rnb vibes.At first sight, i couldnt figure out why i was so drawn to those songs, there was some hidden reason i couldn’t take it off repeat and then it hit me: Joe back in the 90s! This was the kind of jam with wich he hit the charts: juicy,damn tasty,you’re definetly digging him.

On the interview with SoulCulture he talks about his album signature, getting back to basics , and being single for a damn long time…

Download Signature

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October 19, 2009

This was my joint back in the day.I was in the shower and started singing it… that voice, damn one of a kind; pure gold. Of course, Raekwon ripped it, he’s so amazing. The way they were using words banging heads with slang like : “boo I love your math”…priceless

Even though a boring formulaic muck-Trey song, Ciara, Cassie– is served to us on the daily basis, real music never dies, the 90s still remains the best decade of music ever.Look at this song, its at least 10 years old and still sounds just as fresh as it did back in ’97! Davina says it best “..So Good ! So Good…”Many folks didn´t know that she used to be also an engineer for LOUD RCA artists so that´s why her 1998 album is production wise almost flawless and the frequencies stand out nice because she audio mastered her own album.

Davina where are you ? You are missed!

solo version : the sound is siiiick

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Chilling out the Sunday Morning

October 17, 2009

I love this song, I’ve been listening to the Cd like every sunday morning while chilling out at home … Eating whatever is left in the fridge, and generally having a great time cudling when someone is sharing my life.


Do you Remember this ? Tell me if you want me …

October 8, 2009

This tune brings back my high school memories, makes me feel so good.They dont make music like this anymore, instead its a boring formulaic muck being served to us on a daily basis-shout out to my fav struggling rnb singers.  In case you’re curious about what are they up to; Larrieux is continuing to pursue her solo career; she has released four solo albums so far- never heard of ! Wilson continues to write and produce for other artists with Davis (Beyonce,Amerie).