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Mary J Blige – I Am

December 9, 2009

The official video for “I Am” debuted this morning.The Stargate-produced song, co-written by Blige and Johnta Austin, is the second single from Mary’s forthcoming album Stronger With Each Tear (out December 21st)

Meanwhile the mid century style house where Mary sings beautifully “Ain’t nobody gonna treat you better” in the music video is simply gorgeous, the landscape sounds more to Switzerland than any state in the US.If you have any information about the house location or the architect, please let me know.

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WTF with Mariah?[Celebrity Fanmail]

November 16, 2009

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Mariah Carey reharshed the classic song “I Want to Know What Love Is” and now has released the video for it. It’s a classic song and simple video.Here’s an interesting comment from a fan of her beautifully resuming  few things on why the hell Mariah Carey career is jumping the shark.The author could surely land a music executive job as the ones behind Mariah dont seem to “get it” …

I am nobody, just a fan of Mariah with taste and some creativity. I am very sad to see Mariah like that : not at her best vocally, awful vocal quality in live (partially sung), not caring about her image and not at the top of the chart. Despite of this, I still love her music, but Mariah can do better. I am someone frank and honest and be like that. I can’t say “amazing live!!” when it’s not (and not 100% live), I can’t say this is a wonderful clip (compared to it’s like that, or WBT).”


# MusicMonday

November 16, 2009

I have rinsed this song too many times now ! But I love it so deep and meaningful. Always makes you think of that special person in your life, whether they are past or present…Sing it Anthony!!

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Last Night in Moscow

November 15, 2009
Russian RnB star Timati and his Black Star Band perform in Moscow
Rapper Timati with his Black Star Band performs The Boss show in the Milk nightclub.
Though we’re in the age of internet and fast communications around the world, I would never ever have guessed Hip Hop music having an audience in Russia until i heard  recently of  Rapper Timati whom litterally stunned on them- he became famous due to a daddy’s money… all Russian-language people do not respect him and of course  talented russian rappers don’t like this idiot -when its comes to rap in Russian.. Aside the hot chicks whispering from time to time i didnt have a clue about what he was saying when i watched the music video, but i have to admitt rapping in russian is pretty much awesome in a certain kind of way.

Brandy wanted to play Precious !

November 11, 2009
MTV TRL Presents Brandy, John Legend, And Justin Long

Actress Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe is getting rave reviews for her portrayal as Claireece Precious Jones in Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire. But before the 26-year-old newcomer was cast, another unlikely actress was thought of for the role.

Sapphire, the author whose novel inspired the much-buzzed-about film, told Entertainment Weekly about the many offers she received and eventually turned down to take her book to the big screen.

One of them came from a producer who thought R&B singer and “Moesha” star Brandy should play the obese, illiterate New York City teenager. “I remember this one producer told me that he had found Precious”and it was going to be Brandy,” a shocked Sapphire said. “Excuse me? I literally almost hung up on him.”

Filmmaker Lee Daniels (Monster’s Ball) eventually won the rights to make the movie, casting Sidibe as Precious and comedian Mo’Nique as her abusive mother, Mary Jones.


Yankees rule so does Jay-Z

October 31, 2009

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Jay Z and Alicia did a great song.As far as i’m concerned, i would never have thought of Jay Z and Alicia doing a collaboration.I’m still trying to figure out how the idea occured.The man behind this is not only a creative genius but he did a awesome job.I’m freaking loving this city.Its reminded me another hit, back in days, sung by Frank Sinatra : ” New York, New York”.Another musical evidence that “this godamn city” is one of the top spots to live in.


I Miss the 90S

October 30, 2009

RNB music, that sweet RNB music“don’t you miss it? There is a lot to say about the intoxicating vibe that runs through your body when you hear “Touch Me, Tease Me (1996) Case / Foxy Brown ” or how about your journey down memory lane when you hear “So Good” by Davina. The essence of Rnb music has definitely evolved over the years, however its metamorphosis has been one that many do not appreciate. It would be safe to say that over the years the industry has been on life support, waiting for the new transplant that will change everything to come.R&B is still a driving force in the industry, but the formulaic and boring muck that is being served up to us on the radio daily lacks soul.I’m conducting a survey to define the R&B market nowadays…

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