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Brazil takes off [how to sell magazines]

November 12, 2009

A sweet cover for A special report on Latin America’s big succcess story or how to sell magazines this year being an economic mess, the next year a deficit one.This week’s new edition of The Economist is now available online


Doing Business in Buenos Aires

October 24, 2009

If you’re a part of  the six millions people currently unemployed in the US, you were wondering what to do this year being year an economic mess and the next a deficit one.Well,The economist have a solution for you; their featured in their weelky podcast tips for doing business in Buenos Aires, Argentina.Besides finding a wonderful city filled with fantastic restaurants and art galleries nearby,expect to be kissed in one cheek instead of two ! Never bring in a discussion politics or the 1970s period, they’re way too much sensitive about that.A translator is not necessary for business meetings though speaking spanish could be useful.She beautifully ends the segment by saying “the 4 seasons in Buenos Aires is absolutely lovely…”.A podcast entitled ” Doing Business in Buenos Aires”; I was expecting much more than” the 4 seasons is lovely, expect to be kissed in one cheek or they dine at 10 pm”.